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Garage Door Opener Inspection Service - Sacramento, CA


Garage doors are the largest moving objects in a home. These doors exert a lot of force when moving, and have the capacity to reverse. When the reversing mechanism of your garage door opener is not operating properly, it can result in injuries or even death, in some extreme cases. Making sure that the garage door opener is operating properly should be the priority of every home and business owner. This is where Sacramento Garage Door Masters come in handy to help you with garage door opener inspection. We can check to ensure that your garage door is functioning optimally.

Today, garage door openers have two safety reverse features and these will automatically reverse your door if there is an obstacle. When inspecting your door, we will ensure that the reversing mechanism is working well. When we come to your home, we run the door up and down to determine any unusual noises and also check the tracks to see if there is any kind of damage. It takes an expert's ear to notice unusual noise in the door. We check to see if there are any loose or missing hardware on the door and the tracks. We use the state of the art tools to look for any damage in your garage door.


At Sacramento Garage Door Masters, we undertake a thorough inspection of your garage door openers without leaving any detail unattended. We know that even a small problem can cause lots of unnecessary disturbances in your home. If your door has extension springs, we check to see if a safety cable that runs through the center of the garage door spring is well secured. If it is not, we will install it instantly. Without a doubt, we strive to offer top-notch garage door repair in Sacramento.

When inspecting your home garage door, our technicians will look out for wiring that might not have been installed professionally. They will also ensure that the garage has a receptacle in which the opener is plugged. Some of these details are left out, especially if installation is undertaken by unscrupulous or inexperienced installers. In fact, it is important to have an inspection carried out after an installation, in order to ensure that everything is in place. Most owners ignore inspection and within no time they have to spend a good amount on garage door repair.

We check to ensure that there is an emergency release handle present and whether it is in proper working condition or not. This handle is responsible for detaching the opener from the door. Once they check them and are satisfied, our technicians will do the necessary resetting of the garage door opener. We also ensure that the garage door opener transmitter is set above the floor, so that little children or pets do not tamper with it. With Sacramento Garage Door Masters, failed garage doors will be a thing of the past in your home. Our diagnosis goes beyond mere garage door inspection; we make it our responsibility to replace any nonfunctional parts to the ultimate convenience of the owner.


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