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Broken Garage Door Springs Repair - Sacramento, CA

The security of your home can majorly rely on the garage door. In fact, many people use their garage doors as the main entrance to their homes. To maintain the beauty of your home, you need to maintain the garage door. Since it contains more than two hundred moving parts, there is a need to regularly check these parts to avoid issues. Garage door springs keep your door working by managing its weight. Regular inspections of the springs will ensure that the door works more effectively for longer.


Sacramento Garage Door Masters have a trained team of professional experts. We work on all types of garage door springs, such as torsion and extension springs. We understand that repairing a garage door spring requires experienced hands. This is why we always send our well-skilled and qualified experts. We ensure the garage door spring repairs are thorough and safe. Our company is certified and licensed, so you don't have to worry about safety when you choose us.


There are quite a number of reasons why a spring would fail. The most common one is due to extreme change in temperature. Springs that are not properly fixed are likely to wear out. Whatever the reason may be, when the springs break, you will definitely know since it will produce a squeaking noise and the door will not move. This can be risky to the bystanders, especially children. For broken garage door springs repair in Sacramento, it is a good choice to hire the services of Sacramento Garage Door Masters.

Fixing your spring

During garage door repair, the first step we undertake is identifying the type of spring your door uses. Most doors use either the garage door extension springs or torsion spring. After noting this, we send our specialized technicians to have your spring fixed. Our company uses high-quality springs and provides garage door extension spring replacement service which prevents corrosion and friction. This is to enhance the durability of your spring.

Rating of our springs

All garage door springs are rated by an approximated amount of cycles. The high number ensures a greater life span. Cost is always a major consideration for all customers when they are buying garage door springs. To compute the cost of our services, we always take details of the size of the door and the type of your spring. In fact, timely offers and discounts also come as a great option.

Safety recommendations

Normally, garage doors have two springs installed and when one breaks, the other is put at risk too. Our technicians will always advise you to replace both the springs to avoid any inconveniences. We always ensure we install the right springs to manage your door's weight. This is because installing the correct spring will make sure the door is always balanced to avoid breakage. After every repair, we offer our customers a free inspection to verify that all the parts of your door are operating properly.

We clearly know that your garage door is important for securing your assets and even keeping your family safe. This is why we treat all our customers with timely services. We are also ready to answer your calls at any time since we operate 24 hours a day. Call us and enjoy our great garage door repair services in Sacramento.


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